Macau F3 2007 – Bruno Senna Crash onboard

By admin, April 2, 2014 4:36 pm

Bruno Senna Online video Score: 4 / five

14 Responses to “Macau F3 2007 – Bruno Senna Crash onboard”

  1. Face Off says:

    Thanks for correction Dominic D – english is not my first language… So
    its Ayrtons nephew, for those who give silly comments how he drives after
    he died in Imola 1994… Im sorry for niece – nephew mistake!

  2. Vukanija says:

    the other car is Nico Hülkenberg :D

  3. theshreddingking101 says:

    Bruno sucks ass. No in general. But he is not even on the same planet as
    his uncle. Plus he is a fucking cry baby an has anger issues

  4. Josh Webster says:

    Hulkenberg clearly didn’t give Senna enough room. Senna had the inside
    line, yet Hulkenberg squeezed him and Senna had no where to go through the
    very difficult and ‘on the edge’ corner

  5. Jeromain Gropants says:

    Bruno Senna crash? I’m not surprised

  6. Face Off says:

    Really reasoned answer… Check facts before writing anything… bye!

  7. Dominic D says:

    Nephew Not Neice. Neice is Women..

  8. AES201299 says:

    its bruno senna not Ayton. Bruno is his nephew…

  9. AzrulMotorsports3 says:

    Bruno showed middle finger ?

  10. PeatCowman says:

    Senna thinks you can run side by side through Mandarin? Yeah, well

  11. Dominic D says:

    Its alright, Not your fault.

  12. johnnascarMC says:

    And the award for worlds most stupid comment goes to….

  13. Face Off says:

    BRUNO Senna, Ayrtons niece…. He drove F1 later…

  14. TheXd0gz says: