GP2 – Silverstone – Vitória de Bruno Senna

By admin, May 29, 2014 4:42 am

Bruno Senna Movie Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. JoanaGP2 says:

    You are totally right, norm. Bruno had to face a very tough decision to
    come back to the motorsport world, given what happened to his uncle. Plus
    he broke some ribs in karting, so that wasn’t really an option for him to
    get some experience. But he has a lot of talent and a real fighting spirit,
    which totally makes up for the lack of experience.

  2. marklivingdead says:

    vai ser o maximo gritar na f1 logo logo “_vai Senna, vai Senna. vai trazer
    na memória algo muito bom.

  3. kirbster1977 says:

    I doubt it. Lewis will be the 1 to beat for a long time to come. I love
    Ayrton though, and hope Bruno can live up to the name. It would be great
    for F1.

  4. Dan Brown says:

    I was there jsut at bridge watchin the gp2 and all i could watch was Senna
    did not want to watch anyone else fantastic driver.

  5. normq says:

    hamilton didnt have a 10 year odd gap of no racing, did he??? senna stopped
    karting at a young age as he was just beginning because of wot happened to
    his uncle, i think he has done damn well under the circumstances!

  6. NotSoFastPerson says:

    Well Pantano is already once in F1, and he has been racing for a long time
    whereas Bruno Senna has only been involved in motorsport for the last 4 or
    5 years. Getting 2nd place in GP2 with that level of experience is imho an
    achievement. Between Bruno Senna and Di Grassi probably Di Grassi would be
    a safer bet for an F1 team. That said if Honda doesn’t get picked up and
    Bruno Senna goes for another round at Gp2 i believe he will won it. All the

  7. Elton Muniz Silva says:

    Silvarstone !

  8. twa96 says:

    Hamilton is the bench mark if you can get a ferrari or mclaren drive as a
    rookie. Vettel and Kubica have done a magnificant job and wasn’t if Vettal
    who forced Hamilton into a mistake at Brazil?

  9. tsj73 says:

    I answered your question. Now you are asking me another, the converstaion
    ended with my last reply. Nice talking to you , bye. Dont get stressed
    about things like this unless it is yourself that should be making it but
    some other guy get there instead and not through having more talent, then
    be angry by all means.

  10. shinhawk says:

    @normq Even more so considering his father died in a motorcycle accident
    roughly about two years after his uncle died.

  11. fabiano75s says:

    Bruno Senna em primeiro e Lucas di Grassi em segundo ! Imagina os outros
    pilotos kkkkkkkkk!

  12. liamsharky says:

    What about Hamilton (as long as the FIA stay of his back)

  13. Ivan Drago says:

    Vettel, Kubica, Massa and Rosberg will be the leading force in F1. Bruno
    will no doubt make a big bang in F1.

  14. tsj73 says:

    A rain master just like Ayrton, the mark of true alent!

  15. JoanaGP2 says:

    georges10099, it was the 2008 race. Bruno was racing in the Le Mans Series
    in 2009, not in GP2.

  16. Ivan Drago says:

    The british public know once Bruno makes it into F1, its the end of Lewis.
    Go Bruno!!!!

  17. Tasso Moreira says:

    B.Senna have a future promissor , i want see Bruno in F1

  18. georges10099 says:

    cheers mate :)

  19. tsj73 says:

    not ready for what exactly? half of the cars on the F1 grid cant win no
    matter what, there are few drivers less capable than alot of the GP2
    drivers also so if Senna entered F1 with a good team there should be no
    reason why he wouldnt get podiums on his first year. Its not like hes going
    to get into the car and go ´wow this is too much for me´ he is a natural
    born racer with talent. Remember years ago before all this GP2 etc many
    went F3 to F1 (without F3000, GP2 , Nipon, whatever)

  20. 111alonso says:

    bruno for f1 it would be nice to see the name senna on the top of the
    podium again

  21. tsj73 says:

    i did answer your question´´why should Senna get a F1 seat an Pantano
    not´´but you didnt understand so i´ll simplify. Life isnt fair, who makes
    it and doesnt in motorsport and other moneyed sports are even less fair.
    Get over it. You shouldnt have a go at the lad because of who he is ! 2 of
    the 3 you named above may have not made it without massive help Rosberg
    because of who he is and Hamilton because of who helped him!so remember
    that, do u thing they scraped and begged like J.Blogs?

  22. silvanapintcher says:

    Nelsinho piquet = ótimo piloto Felipe Massa = Melhor piloto da atualidade
    da F1 Bruno Senna = o futuro da f1 SENNA IS BACK Watch out Hamilton! Senna
    is back!

  23. tsj73 says:

    needs more expierience?So hHamilton had a better time in GP2 , so what?
    Hamilton is an amazing driver, it doesnt mean anyone who isnt as quick as
    him shouldnt get into F1. Names dont fool me pal, i have been involved in
    motorsport all my life and i remember racing against a brother of a front
    running world level professional driver and he was pathetic.I constantly
    beat other drivers and yet they made it to race world level proffessionally
    and i didnt, thats life. GP2winer gets F1seat auto?NO

  24. Ivan Drago says:

    One time they’ve given him a penalty. He would never have taken Kimi going
    into that corner had he gone through the corner instead of cutting across
    it. Had ITV commented on it at the time half of the fans wouldnt be
    complaining now.

  25. Rico Commodor says:

    he will be in F1 in Campos Meta at 2010