Bruno senna @ Snetterton

By admin, February 5, 2014 4:43 am

Bruno Senna Online video Rating: four / five

25 Responses to “Bruno senna @ Snetterton”

  1. JuzziZ says:

    Bruno will be in F1.Oh man..can`t wait.

  2. Berniebaz says:

    Behave. And just how do you make sure that the total loss of control
    happens at the only normally life threatening corner on the racetrack? And
    how do you manage to get a wheel to bounce in just the right way? Never
    heard so much rubbish…

  3. Thomas Eeman says:

    He probably survived this because of the safety measures taken after
    Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna crashed at Imola. Unfortunately back then the
    danger and risks were a lot higher.

  4. confessional91 says:

    i think you’ve gotta be glad hes okay because it was a huge crash but
    ayrton assasinated is just plain stupid.

  5. fabsternyc says:

    Who was the douche-bag that chopped him?

  6. JuzziZ says:

    Since he quit racing(? karting?)after Ayrtons death,well..what a genious he
    might be today.Ayrton once said that”You think Im good? Just wait for my
    nephew..”So the decade(10 ten years,or many years anyway away from cockpit
    is crucial,maybe.)not racing is..well we see.But its in his blood.Speed.:)
    There never will be another Ayrton,but if somebody named Senna will drive
    someday,Im happy.

  7. ZenithRacing says:

    assasinated? wat r you on! the car sufferd a tragic faliure, his fatal
    injury was caused by a suspension arm peircing the visor. hows that an
    assasination? do you still think elvis is alive?



  9. douver2007 says:

    I’m happy to see that not only brazil support bruno senna but all racing

  10. telofav says:

    His face look like very much Ayrton, when crash in Monaco 88. Look his eyes

  11. Deniz1923 says:

    Yes, Ayrton Senna was probably assasinated.If you want me to believe
    otherwise than you should better release the final 1.5s until he crashed.

  12. Rosssmith21 says:

    The kids doing alright…Won GP2 race in his 3rd try. Not bad eh?

  13. scotty16dog says:

    I think it takes a lot of guts, doing wot he’s doing after Ayrtons tragic

  14. SATSUJIN93 says:

    yes its as funny as you been sodomised to death by a gigantic bull

  15. yipikayee says:

    unbelievable what a crash and he just walks away like its nothing

  16. Stimor says:

    well this oughta keep me entertained for a week, some people actually think
    he was assassinated?

  17. rafaelbergler says:

    ta igualzinho o tio custa a bater mas qdo bate eh pra destruir

  18. autosportdotnet says:

    He’s a tough guy. Have known him for a few years now and it didn’t faze him
    at all. All of us and his family, well, we were a bit worried.

  19. monkeypoo1 says:

    If Ayrton was to be assasinated, do you not think that the killer/murderer
    would have done it in another way? There are easier ways to kill someone,
    crashing a supposedly safe race-car is just stupid. I think you are
    probably one of those people who will believe any stupid conspiracy
    theories, no matter how stupid or far fetched. RIP SENNA!

  20. nvooght says:

    Crazy to think that he stopped racing for 10 years after ayrtons crash, yet
    here he is now driving well in GP2, i hope he gets to F1 but i just wonder
    how good he might have been if he hadnt stoppped for 10 years.

  21. skylinerox says:

    thank goodness he did not end up like his uncle in a fatal crash.i hope he
    can succeed like his uncle in F1.

  22. Kimi Raikkonen says:

    hahahah its funny

  23. Labardia says:


  24. orrmate says:

    Well this is rediculous.. someone thinks that Ayrton Senna was assasinated
    and another thinks that his nephew having a pretty horrific crash is
    funny.. what a world we live in..

  25. SkullyCollins says:

    Thank God he didn’t end up the same as his uncle (Ayrton)…