Formula One Cruel Says Sebastian Vettel

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By Liam, July 30, 2014 8:01 am

For salvaging this season Sebastian Vettel coins formula One as cruel. It is his home race this weekend after winning the four last titles. He is the sixth in the competition. He is thirsty for a victory.

It has been a rough competition so far. Though F1 is a fantastic tournament but at times at can be cruel as pointed out by him. In this particular part of the game it is the car on which you have to rely upon. It is difficult to beat the Mercedes as they always win every race with their capability. In this season Vettel has not been able to complete three races out of nine. So it has been sheer struggle for Red Bull compared to Mercedes. Vettel was third in the Grand Prix of Canada. The rule changes of F1 have not been according to his terms. It has been testing time for Vettel so far. It has not been a constant run for Vettel as in some he has performed well and in some others he has not.

Despite lot of problems he is enjoying F1. As a young child he remembers the go karting and so it is only for the car that he is driving for and nothing else. He is still confident of improving and the courage to perform under pressure is still there. In the remaining 10 races he is going to do his best. A chance still exists even if it is mathematical. He is optimistic and hopes to grab the opportunity. Even though he is realistic he is not idealistic. The target is to complete the race as soon as possible before others. For them winning each and every championship is important and that is the goal every time indisputably.

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Hamilton Wins Spanish GP

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By admin, June 5, 2014 12:09 pm

British driver Lewis Hamilton has won the Spanish grand prix. With this win Hamilton has clinched win in the last four races in a row. This is indeed a rare achievement for a driver in the F1 circuit. In the grand finale of the high paced, nail biting race, the Briton surpassed Nico Rosberg and held his lead in the championship. Experts say that psychologically it was a grueling day for Rosberg as he put all his efforts to give tough competition to Hamilton in the last ten laps and finally fell short for a few seconds in the final lap. After Hamilton’s dominant drive the race in China last week, many thought the Briton will have a smooth glide in the Spanish GP, but Rosberg created a lot of tension for the championship retainer.

After the race Hamilton was very calm and speechless over the brilliant performance of his Mercedes car. But experts say that Hamilton cannot deny the tension caused by his German friend especially when Rosberg removed a striking distance from Hamilton in the last couple of laps of the Spanish grand prix.

“Nico put u a great show and was very fast at sometimes. But I am fortunate that I managed to keep him behind me till the end of the race. He was a tough competition for sure,” said Hamilton right after the race to the media persons.

“I still have a massive challenge from Nico. Keeping distance from him was not easy for me. I was struggling at times. But I will improve next time,” said Hamilton while analyzing his hard earned win.

Experts said that the much discussed Spanish GP turned into a pure mind game in the last round. But Rosberg has said that more intense competition will follow in the future races.

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